A much better day so far


I am going out on a limb and say the road to recovery from yesterday is going well.  Only one of us is still in our pajamas and it is almost ten and that person is not me!  I am taking it easy today because I am still tired from not getting a ton of sleep last night (much more than the night before).

What does taking it easy mean?  Sesame Street watching in the morning (this is like the biggest treat I could give the girl or at least she acts like it!), so I can get caught up on some stuff that I neglected yesterday.  It also means disposable diapers for the day.  And I am not going to lie when I say that I am glad to have a day off from diapers and diaper laundry for a few days.  While cloth diapering isn’t hard once you get the hang of it, when you have a sick child it becomes just one more thing on my plate that I don’t need.

My Awesome Husband is going to be gone this evening so it means we will (meaning Nug and I since Duder can’t sit still for the life of him) watch a movie and snuggle before bed time!  And also pancakes for dinner:-)  Woot!!!!


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