This is how we do it


At the shady motel – I mean, inn.

Aren't they just adorable together????

We are awesome, perfect parents that would never in their right minds sit their children in bed past 8pm to watch a movie because we couldn’t get them to sleep at their normal bed times and we were too tired of trying and wanted some adult conversation.  No, we would never do that.  We would only let them sit there at 6:30pm after they had just finished a healthy meal with brussels sprouts and lots of leafy greens and let them enjoy a light reading of the encyclopedia because we want them to be young, intelligent readers and they always enjoy this treat.  Plus, I have taught them to read at such young ages that they are already surpassing all humanly standards in being little.

I hope you sensed my sarcasm.  Because we did indeed sit them in front of the computer to watch a movie waaaaay past their bed times after trying to get them to eat crappy Taco Bell food (I heart Taco Bell but this one was just crap) because they wouldn’t go to sleep in the Shady Budget Inn and I was too tired of listening to Duder scream and Nug getting in and out of bed.


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