Dry cleaning


We purchased a tux for Duder.  And of course, he drooled and snotted all over it.  The thing is, the tag says to dry clean the little sucker!  No way am I going to pay for him to get a tux dry cleaned because they charge the same price for big clothes as they do little clothes.

Then my Awesome Husband reminded me of a trick I learned and completely forgot about!  Thank you, Awesome Husband for having a memory of an elephant for a few things!!!!!

I wiped down the suit part and got off any visible nastiness and made it look like new.  Then – now here comes the magic – I put the suit in a ziploc and threw it in the freezer.  Did you know that the freezer will kill any bacteria that are causing it to stink???  Viola!  His little tux is now stink free and I paid nothing extra to have the little thing cleaned!!!!!!!

This trick works well with anything you either don’t want washed (those pair of jeans that fit just right) or can’t be washed.  Just put whatever in a ziploc so it doesn’t stick to your meat or veggies or ice and let it freeze for at least 48 hours.  Now, I wouldn’t recommend throwing a full suit that needs to be dry cleaned in the freezer just because those things are mighty expensive and deserve a little more care.  But it is a cheap and effective way to clean and de-stinkify stuff!


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