A great way to start the day


Nug is sick.  And the kind of sick that I avoid with like the plague.  She has a stomach bug:(  Poor thing!

Our house smells of lysol and clorox wipes.  I normally make all of our home cleaners but when it comes to a stomach bug, I go with the chemical filled, will kill 99.9% of germs promising, store bought goodness.  Almost every surface of our home has been touched by some germ killing product at least once.  And many of the surfaces have been sprayed and wiped and re-sprayed.  My hands are so dry right now from washing them literally every couple of minutes.

My biggest challenge is keeping Duder away from Nug.  It was much easier last year when she had a stomach bug because I could just sit him somewhere and he wouldn’t couldn’t move anywhere.  But he loves his sister!  So that makes things even more difficult.  Nug is quarantined into our bedroom and has been watching movies all day and drinking pedialyte*.  That means our bedroom is a sick zone until bedtime when I will wash everything she touched and spray down everything.  Our bed is covered with a layer of towels and two layers of blankets as protection.

I am hoping this is just a one day thing and that she is the only casualty.  She seems to be perking up but looks tired, so hopefully an early bedtime and plenty of fluids and maybe some bland food later will do the trick.

*I know people will say I should just be giving her water but whenever she has had a stomach bug we were only able to get her to keep down pedialyte or “med-cine” as she calls it.  And I am tired of cleaning up vomit!


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