How I got


These two bibs for $0.15.

Here is how:

I am swagger…I have been for a loooooong time now.  What does that mean?  I use swagbucks as my primary search engine.  It isn’t the greatest at all but I can earn “money” (swagbucks) for searches that I make daily.  It is easy enough to get started and to use it.  If I can’t get the site I am looking for the first time I search in google.  But on average I make about 15 to 30 swagbucks a day and that adds up.  The you can redeem these swagbucks for gift cards.  I use to get Target ones all the time but they don’t have those available anymore, so I get Amazon gift cards.

Okay, back to how I got these bibs…I bought a $25 Amazon gift card with my swagbucks.  I put these babies in my cart ($19.95), went to the check out, entered my gift card redemption code, selected the cheapest shipping (I am in no hurry and I hate paying for shipping if I really have to and I honestly don’t buy stuff online a ton from Amazon, so I don’t get the free shipping), and the total came to $25.15!  That meant I paid $0.15 out pocket for these nice bibs that I have been eyeing for a long time now but just haven’t wanted to pay that much for (because they are a bibs and I can buy other more important stuff with $20)!!!!  Woot!


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  1. Tell me about Swagbucks…do you just search and earn “swagbucks” or do you have to do something to get them? How long did it take you to get that enough swagbucks for a giftcard? I am very interested!

  2. All I do is search for things on the internet (like blogs or facebook or whatever). You can do things to earn a lot of swagbucks but that takes more time than I am willing to spend doing it. The big thing to remember is that they randomly give out swagbucks for searches and at random amounts – not predictable at all. Some days I get a ton and other days just a few. They are “banked” for you and then you can purchase actual things or gift cards once you have earned enough to “buy” them. I use to buy our disposable diapers with Target gift cards I got from redeeming my swagbucks:-) Now I guess I could do that with Amazon but I really wanted these bibs! LOL

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