This week I have been really trying to focus on things to be thankful for, no matter what.  And I sure am blessed!  Here are just a few:

*Nug and Duder taking good naps.

*Fresh baked bread.

*Homemade noodles.

*Having all the windows in the house open for the week.

*Body pillows.

*Playing outside and not sweating.

*Long walks.

*Quiet in the mornings before anyone else is up.

*Nug and Duder making each other laugh hysterically just by looking at each other.

*Nug singing with her Awesome Daddy.

*Duder being crazy on our bed.

*Hard lotion.

*Good deals at the grocery store.


*Nug hugging and kissing my belly.

*My Awesome Husband playing with the nugs out back while I make dinner in peace.

There are waaaaay more than this but I am hoping to always remember to be thankful even during the long days that do come and the tiredness that joy of motherhood brings.


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