What I did


I don't care what people say, little people with pacifiers are way too cute!

You know how I took Nug’s that big plug in her mouth away?  Well, everything was going really good after the first two days without it.  She hardly ever asked for it.  She only stole Duder’s a few times a day.  Plus, she knew she wasn’t supposed to have one anymore. But…

I gave it back.  After almost a month and a half of her not having a paci, I handed it right back to her.  Why?????  Because she needed sleep and rest.  And I needed sleep and rest.  She was acting out in a lot of ways that proved she was tired but yet she would not sleep.  She kept getting out of bed several times at night and would lay awake during the whole nap time.  I kept up the stance that one day she would just learn to soothe herself to sleep (and no, she had not been crying herself to sleep during this time) but nothing we did or didn’t do seemed to help.

I was at my wits end.  Going up and down the stairs on an average of eight times during nap time was not something I wanted to do.  Not to mention that it took Nug about two hours to finally get herself to sleep at night.  There was just not enough sleep going into that little girl, as there was energy coming out.  So, I finally talked to my Awesome Husband and we agreed that Nug needed the paci back.

That first nap with the paci was amazing and almost all of her naps and bedtimes have been easy peasy!

With Duder and any other children who suck a paci, we will take it away when they are in a crib and have nothing to do but sleep.  Instead of taking it away when they are in a bed and can get out and play when they can’t get right to sleep.

I do not regret our decision to give it back one bit.  Not. At. All.  I am not ashamed that my two year old still has a paci and needs it to go to sleep (she is only allowed to have it in her room and on special occasions when we deem necessary).  I am not ashamed to admit that I probably should have taken it away when she was in her crib still (because I think the whole being in a regular bed since 18 months is what made the difference between our paci failure and other people’s successes).  And I am happy to admit to others when something has just plain failed us in our parenting strategy.


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  1. You do what you need to. I totally understand. 🙂 There were things like that we did w/ C too. Like rocking him to sleep at night for awhile when he would have cried for upwards of 20-30 minutes. I wanted that time with my hubby in the evening without the crying/screaming baby.

    I must say Nug is DARLING with a paci! I can imagine you wanting to wait a little longer!

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