She was a good girl!


Nug and I had the joy of attending a wonderful bridal shower for a friend of ours.  It was an afternoon tea with dainty sandwiches, fruit, and beautiful cake treats!  We were both invited and while I was skeptical Nug would actually attend the event I am glad she did!

For almost two hours Nug was a great little two year old.  I brought in a bag full of distractions, which I have to give part of the credit to her good behavior to that.  Another thing was, I decided to continually remind myself that she is only two, she was invited with full knowledge that she is two, that if things got too hairy I could just leave, and that two year olds are not going to sit still for two hours.

Nug colored a lot and played with some matchbox cars and we played “horsey” (she rides on my legs while I tell a short story of a galloping horse).  I let her know when she was being too loud and didn’t let it bother me that the whole time we were praying for our friend that she kept pointing to everyone with their eyes closed saying, “Seeping!”  She was a doll and I am so glad that I brought her – there was some last minute hesitation because nap time went horribly and she was crying as we walked to the car.

All in all, it was a wonderful mother-daughter afternoon.  And I am chronicling this day because I want to always remember that they are little and do not need tons of unachievable expectations placed on them for perfect behavior.  And that when I truly let go of trying to be the “perfect” mom who has the “perfect” children, I am happier and so are they.

I am positive that there will be times when the outcome will not be the same for one reason or another BUT at the same time I need to remember that by God’s grace I am be transformed into the mother He calls me to be, not what the rest of the world thinks I should be.

~This is the REAL mom signing out on what turned out to be a REAL good day!


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