Things you didn’t know


And that you probably could care less that you will know.  But since I am still struggling with getting back into reality from this weekend, I thought about sharing a little bit about my very cool self:-)

*I always want to take a nap right as nap time is drawing to a close.

*I can cook a few things really well, many okay, and a few that are a disaster but thankfully my Awesome Husband will eat anything.

*I like to know what happens in a book or movie before I read or watch it.

*I loved the book “Grapes of Wrath” even though the last few chapters were tough to get through.

*I clean our house primarily with vinegar, water, and baking soda.

*My favorite show is “Secret Life of the American Teenager” but I have to watch every episode on Hulu.

*I have a heart shaped uterus and I like to think it is because it is full of love or babies or both:-)

*I get my hair cut twice a year but am trying to up it to every four months-ish but I really think that getting my hair washed in those sinks hurts and would rather skip the pain and just let my hair grow.

*I scrubbed the caulk in our bathtub so much that my Awesome Husband had to redo it.

*My irises are larger than most people’s so I have to get special contacts to fit them.

*When I smile my top lip disappears just like my dad’s and one of my eyes always closes slightly more than the other.

That is it for now!  I have plenty of more facts that I will surely through out there in the future.  I love random facts, so feel free to share the randomness that is you:-)


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