Where did the time go???


It has been a loooong weekend.  But in the best way possible!  We had my Awesome Husband’s family here and spent a lot of time with them, which doesn’t involve getting on the computer but twice between Thursday and Sunday to clean out the ol’ email box.

Today was a catch up day.  The house is almost back in order from having 5 extra people in our tiny cozy house.  And my Awesome Husband took today off work to just spend with us.  It has definitely been a much needed day off for him and for us.  He has been busy with work and getting ready and then performing for Cabaret in the Courtyard – can I just say that I had so many people tell me to watch out because I have the next Frank Sinatra on my hands!  Between that and family in town, it has just been a crazy blur.

So, what do we do when we play hooky?  Absolutely nothing important.  We sat around this morning and took our time getting ready.  We went to Brucemore and then had a wonderful lunch out on the patio at Granite City.  We even went the car wash, which is something we never do.  Nug and Duder did not like the Mister like our truck did:-)

Anywho, this week is going to be all about getting back to normal and detoxifying the littles from their crazy sleeping habits and sugar.


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