REAL mom Wednesday


You know you are a REAL mom when…

*You don’t have a baby book for your second child.

*The baby book for your first child is only up to date to her 6 month.

*You threw away both of your children’s first hair cut clippings because you weren’t for sure why people keep them.

This made me wonder if I should have kept their finger nail clippings and belly button stump???  Just kidding!  I do have a small box of a few things that I am keeping for each of them.  And I figure we have plenty (read thousands) of pictures of each of them and I am much more of a picture keeper than a things keeper.


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  1. You know you’re a REAL mom when…
    *You automatically unlock the back doors in your car every time you get out even if your child isn’t with you
    *You feed your child lots and lots of puffs just to keep them occupied in their high chair so you can get a meal
    *You start using words like “potty” and “tummy” when referring to yourself (I catch myself saying “I have to go potty” ALL THE TIME!)

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