‘member that time?


‘Member that time Nug was sick with a stomach bug and puked all over the couch and had explosive diapers?  And remember how I was carpet cleaning the couch up and managed to dump to bucket at the end of my Bissel Little Green all over me?  And remember how I was so mad that I could not speak to my Awesome Husband as I stripped off my clothes and mopped up the floor?  And finally, remember how my Awesome Husband was awesome and bought me new slippers since mine where in the garbage from having puke and poo and soapy water dumped all over them?

Let’s just say I have an awesome husband and that I learned a lesson in parenting – no matter how hard you try to protect your couch, children will always manage to puke or poop on the one little part not covered.

Join the minivan voorsts and post your own ‘member that time!


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