Oh internet


I have a love/hate relationship with the internet.  I think it is awesome how I can bank online, watch tv online, order pizza online but I also think we I can get myself addicted to constantly being connected and the availability of social networks.

Let’s just say I got to hate on the internet this weekend.  Thursday afternoon our internet went down.  I could handle the afternoon with just music from the iPod (we don’t have cable or I would have probably just turned on the tv) while I did house wifely things.  My Awesome Husband took the liberty of calling our internet provider and asking why the internet was out.  He was met with ways in which we could spend more money but save on our internet – grr…  Finally they told him there was an outage in our neighborhood and that they were “fixing” it.

Thursday night turned into Friday.  We stopped by the actual internet place to change our billing info because I lost forgot my debit card in the ATM the day before (I am still kicking myself in the behind for that one) and apparently you can’t change payment stuff over the phone but only over the internet, which we obviously did not have.  We asked again but this time the lady told us that there were no reported outages in our area and that since it was the weekend if the issue didn’t resolve itself (like the internet just randomly deciding to work) they would send a truck to our house during nap time and ring the doorbell and wake my sleeping babies and work loudly on our internet box thingy.

For the whole weekend we were without internet and survived.  I read books and cleaned a lot and listened to the same playlist over and over again during nap time.  It wasn’t that bad except for my need to check my bank account every hour to make sure nothing fraudulent was going on since who knows what happened to the card (My Awesome Husband told me the ATM eats the card if it is in there for longer than 30 seconds.  Somehow I don’t believe that).

But thankfully, the internet guy came today and just gave us a new modem.  He was here for 10 minutes and that was that.  Poof!  We have internet!!!!!  I am hoping I can dial down my internet addiction and my need to be connected with random strangers and just settle for a few times a day of checking my email and being satisfied with that (and of course blogging).


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  1. when we first moved into our new house, we didn’t get our internet hooked up for like the first 6 weeks…it was a killer.

    but i honestly kind of ended up liking not being so ‘plugged in’ and now, even after getting all our internet stuff back up and running, i feel less ‘chained’ to it and it’s really kind of liberating! it doesn’t seem like it will be at first, but it’s almost a sigh of relief after you’ve tried it! so i say go for it!

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