She teaches me


One smart cookie.

Nug taught me something today about motherhood.  It isn’t always about being the most efficient person in the world but sometimes the inefficiency that is the best way to see the beauty.

We went on a walk.  I let her walk while I pushed Duder and our friend G in the stroller.  We were headed to the park but along the way we stopped to pick flowers and point out the trees and how tall they were.  The walk was only about 1/4 of a mile round trip but it was beautiful.  I had to slow down so that Nug could keep up with me.  I had to stop often to remind her to stay on the path.  I had to pick flowers for her because she was too short.  I had to remind her not to eat the rocks she thought were cool.  We just got to enjoy the earth God made for us.

At the beginning of the walk the mom in me told me to pick her up and carry her the whole way to the park since her little feet can only move so fast and then we would have more time to play.  But then I realized that sometimes I need to quit thinking about how to get from point A to B the fastest and just focus on what is around me and just enjoy.

Today was my favorite walk thus far this summer.  And it isn’t just because it wasn’t 1,000 degrees out:-)


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  1. LOVE it……. I get frustrated sometimes when Drew does that kind of thing, but then I remember to slow down and enjoy the little things that capture his attention – the things that us big people have forgotten to find joy in… =)

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