Anybody wondering where Betty Crocker is?


She is at my house in the form of me.

In the past two days I have made two loaves of bread, a batch of banana muffins, some burritos for the freezer, pinto beans, and almond milk.  And nothing was a mix!  I am on a roll!!!!

Okay, so I have to admit that none of this was hard and I followed a recipe for each thing.  But I am feeling good about making fresh food for my family.  And it is always easier to execute than I make it out to be in my head.  Anyone else ever feel like this?


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  1. You are awesome and you are Betty Crocker. This is a big week.

    That’s so great you’re making almond milk. It’s so expensive and I remember you said both your kids have to drink it. Do they approve? I might do almond milk for C after he turns one. I might have to get this recipe from you!

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