I am awesome


I just braved the heat with three kids between the ages of one and two.  The two oldest sat in the wagon while the littlest (Duder – if you can call him little) was strapped to me.  It was hot and the short walk to the park wasn’t too bad.  We didn’t stay for long because I forgot to bring water.  I am sure you are wondering how I forgot that in this kind of weather.  My response – at least I didn’t forget any children.

And I realized something on the way back.  There is a slight incline all the way home.  It sure got heavy dragging 40+ pounds of toddler behind me and carrying 20+ pounds of Dude strapped to my chest (plus an extra 20 pounds that Turkey has put on me).  But it was worth it though and you can bet I will be braving it again!


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