REAL mom Wednesday


You know you are a REAL mom when…

*You have nursed a child while going to the bathroom.

*You have forgotten the last time you showered.

*You have sent your child to timeout to realize that it wasn’t them who did it but your Awesome Husband.

Thankfully he admits when it was him in the jewelry drawer and not Nug.


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  1. These are hilarious.

    You know you’re a REAL mom when;

    You have caught spit up in your hand, rather than let it make a mess of their shirt.
    (My little man has a strong gag, so this happens often when he eats cheerios)

    Decide to only go to one of the five stores you planned to stop at because it takes more time to do feedings on the go, pack and unpack the stroller, and change diapers than it actually takes to shop at any given store.

    You buy maternity clothes even when you’re not pregnant.

  2. I do all of that, even nursing while cooking (which totally isn’t safe and to be honest I’ve only done it once and never plan to do it again), and catching spit up in my hand instead of letting it get on bubby’s shirt.
    Here’s some of mine: You know you’re a real mom when…

    You crawl into the crib to cuddle your weeping child because you’ve tried rocking them and nothing else works

    You pull over on the side of the road to figure out why your child is screaming their lungs off only to find that they are sweating and you turned off the air because you were cold

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