Remembering 7/13/09


Wednesday was Nug’s 2nd birthday.  I now have an official 2 year old.  WOW!!!!

We are having a little double birthday party for her and Duder this weekend, so we just spent the day doing things she liked to do.  My Awesome Husband and I took her out to Pizza Hut without Dude to celebrate her.  She enjoyed getting all our attention at dinner instead of me feeding Duder and my Awesome Husband trying to down his food so I can eat.  Nug also got to go to the grocery store with me and I spoiled her by getting her a fancy balloon, declaring her birthday (she picked out the “Happy Birthday Grandpa!” balloon but I persuaded her to get the “I’m Awesome, It’s My Birthday!” balloon).  Of course the balloon only lasted a few hours before it ended up in the tree outside the Hut.

All in all, it was a good day.  And of course, I got a little misty-eyed thinking about her actual birth day.

I still remember having 5 contractions that morning and then losing my plug and thinking that I was going to have her.  To realizing that since I only had 5 contractions and they stopped after drinking water and that my plug is no indicator of labor, I was disappointed. And then going to the doctor later that day to be immediately sent to labor and delivery and being at 7cm without any contractions since 6am that morning by the time I got over to the hospital.  To finally having her born an hour after they broke my water.  It was a crazy, beautiful day.  One that I will never forget because although the pain was great, she was my precious little girl.

She captured my heart the moment the test was positive.


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