Sometimes a mom needs to be babied


Friday night my Awesome Husband was out of town.  And when he is gone, I just become blah.  I don’t know what it is but I just don’t feel like myself without him around.  It is hard for me to be motivated to fix anything for dinner and I usually end up in a drive thru (real healthy, I know) and find it hard to get out of my pjs for that matter.  Honestly, if I didn’t have any little people to take care of I am positive that I would just sit on the couch and eat popcorn and ice cream and watch sad girly movies and cry and eat lots of cheese and then cry because I ran out of cheese to eat and did nothing all day but stain the couch with my tears.

But this time, I made myself shower and get the nugs ready (I didn’t declare a pajama day) and eat healthy meals but by evening I was just lonely without him there.

So what does any normal person do when they are lonely and tired and just need a hug?  Call their dad.  That is what I did.  I kind of invited myself (and the nugs) over to hang out with him for a little bit and a little bit turned into the rest of the evening.  (Is it really inviting yourself over when they are family????  I think not!)

We fed the nugs and my mom came home from working late and decided that we were going to Target.  I LOVE Target!  I don’t shop there as much I would like but I wish I could!  So of course I jumped on the Target bandwagon and went.  The nugs got some toys (they did not need them at all but grandma just couldn’t resist).  Then my mom said to me, “Because you are MY baby why don’t you pick out something new to wear.”  It is in moments like those*, I am reminded that I am someones little girl, someones baby and will always be.

*I should clarify that it wasn’t her buying me something that made me feel like her baby girl, but the fact that she cares enough about me to remind me that I will always be her little girl.


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