I almost forgot breakfast


This morning I almost forgot to feed my nugs breakfast.  Bad mommy, I know.  If it weren’t for Duder crying, I probably really would have.

I blame it on Nug.  She woke up an hour later than usual, so she got her morning sippy of milk later (this means she wasn’t hungry at our normal breakfast time).  Duder had already had his bottle and was happily playing by himself.  I always make breakfast at 8:30, no real reason why, it is just our routine.  Well, soon it was 9 and Nug hadn’t even ran to her chair to eat or let me know she was hungry.  Then Duder started crying and I realized I was a bad mommy and forgot to feed him breakfast and he is use to eating at certain times.  Poor guy!  I felt horrible and got his yogurt ready and he was a happy clam.

I sure hope that I am not the only one who has almost forgotten to feed their children.


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