Formula, being completely honest


I was sooooo excited that I wasn’t going to have to buy formula for Duder when I was able to stay home.  It is expensive and smelly and it can create some nasty side effects but other than that formula isn’t something I hate (and those things really aren’t that bad at all).  Nug was on formula and at first I felt guilty because “Breast is Best” but when there is no milk flowing from mama, you have one starving little girl.  She was no worse for the wear because she drank formula.

Well, since finding out I am harvesting a cute little parasite in my womb, my milk supply has been hurting.  And in turn, Duder has been suffering right there with me.  Thankfully, I had a ton of milk stored up from pumping like a crazy person.  I am sad to say that I am reaching the end of the frozen, free goodness.  But this time around I am actually looking forward to giving Duder formula.  He follows me around and cries while his milk is being thawed – which then makes it feel like an eternity to get it to just the right Dude temp (and he likes it really warm).  Some of my bags are leaking because they were too full of milk, so then I have to thaw another bag.  I think having a more dense substance in his tummy at night will help him sleep a little later.  I also won’t have to worry about thawing milk and packing a little cooler to carry around his food in.  It will just make life a wee bit easier and smoother.  And I am not going to deny that that will make for a happy mama!

There you have it world!!!  It feels good to just tell how I feel and not feel any bit of shame!


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