Poopy diapers stink


I cloth diaper.  And while I like not buying disposable diapers, I don’t have to deal with diaper rashes often, and it isn’t that hard, there are times I hate it.  Like the past two days.

I had taken a three week hiatus from cloth diapering because we were preparing for a vacation and then we were recovering from said vacation and washing diapers was the last thing I needed to worry about.  Now that we are back at it with a good routine and I was tired of buying boxes of diapers, I went right back at it full-force.

But my children have decided to be poop machines.  They normally have one dirty diaper a day and I can handle that but when I have already changed 5 dirty diapers and it isn’t even 2pm yet, I go crazy.  And no, they are not sick and the diapers are normal dirty diapers, just a lot more of them.

I think my children are trying to make me go nuts!


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