REAL mom Wednesday


You know you are a real mom when…

*You swear you can sleep with your eyes open and even appear functioning.

*You have tasted your own breast milk.

*You think your child needs to attend a 12 step program for their paci addiction.

Who doesn’t love being a REAL mom???


2 responses »

  1. Josiah is just getting over an ear infection too, they are so awful! I know what you mean when you’re little one acts up and then you take them to the doctor and nothing is wrong!!! We even rushed Josiah to the ER once and the doctor probably thought we were nuts because he was perfectly fine. Glad to hear the kiddos are getting better and hopefully you are getting some rest!

  2. You know you’re a real mom when your son cries because he cut his lip on the chik-fil-a cup you gave him…and then follows it up with gagging from a chunk of styrofoam also from the cup…

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