Fevering it out


Duder is sick.  I think it might be an ear infection but I am not sure.  His fever broke tonight after I let him fever it out for the day.

Fevering it out makes for a long day or days.  When Nug was little she fevered it out as well and still does.  The only time I give tylenol is if they are really not feeling well or their fever is higher than I feel comfortable with them having.  When we fever it out it means they get to be in just a diaper and a t-shirt and they also get tons of snuggles (I can’t say I mind that part at all).

I know that fevering it out isn’t for everyone and I personally am one to take tylenol at the first sign of sickness.  It might be because I am a mom and can’t afford to spend a day in bed when there are children to play with.  But I can’t deny that fevers are a good thing because it means your body is fighting off the infection that has invaded it.

Maybe the next time I get sick I will “fever it out” and maybe, just maybe my children will snuggle with me:-)


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  1. yuck, we’re fevering it out this week too. i do sometimes cave overnight when their fevers get really high and they’re unable to sleep, but mostly i try to stick it out. no fun for anyone, but i really feel it makes them healthier in the long run! (not to mention keeps them from turning into a pansy like me when it comes to being sick. i apparently never had to fever it out when i was little, and so have VERY little tolerance for the least bit of under-the-weatherness.)

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