Fridays are the new Saturday


At least for me.  I usually try to plan nothing for Fridays if at all possible.  Why?  Because I like to go into my weekend relaxed.  So, Friday mornings are lazy mornings and sometimes we are not out of our pajamas until 10, sometimes 11am.  I love having lazy days where I don’t feel the strain to get this and that done.  We do what we do when we do it.  I usually lay on the couch and watch netflix during nap times on Fridays because it is mindless and relaxing.  And Friday nights tend to be really relaxed and we let Nug stay up a little bit later for extra snuggles.  We usually eat pizza and I don’t try and make it healthy at all.  My awesome husband and I stay up past 10pm – woohoo because we know that there might be a chance that we can enjoy a few extra minutes of sleep the next day (okay, so this never happens but we have to live life on the edge sometime).

Fridays are beautiful in our household!  I love them!  And I hope you do too:-)


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