Normal toys are for normal kids


Both Nug and Duder have weird toys they like to play with.  Nug loves any kind of rag because she loves to clean.  She also loves my swiffers and dusts the house.  I am going to have a full-blown maid here in a couple of years…sweet!

Duder likes to play with this rock in our living room.  My awesome husband wrote on the rock and used it for a picture book he made me.  Well, Duder loves that thing.  The only thing is, we have wood floors and he likes to grab it and pull it off a stack of books.  Now, I don’t baby-proof my house, so I am not going to move it but he does get the gentle “no,no” and redirected.  But if left to his own devices he crawls his little self over to the stack of books and gets that rock.

Many grandparents have wasted valuable dollars on these two buying them cool toys that make me wish I was little and all they want are rags and rocks.  Maybe I didn’t get the memo and this is what the cool kids play with now-a-days.

The rock.


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  1. At least Levi likes their toys! He’s the same way at home. He’d prefer to play with the broom over most of his toys!

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