Sleeping through the night


I am not letting it get me down that Duder is still getting up once or twice at night to eat.  Would I like more sleep?  Oh yes I would!  But I am reminding myself over and over again that I will miss this time with him.  I miss the time I had with Nug in the middle of the night.  Every step my children take to independence makes me cheer!  Yet with every step I shed a tear because they need me less.  So each night I want to go to bed knowing that if Duder decided to sleep through the night I would know that I didn’t resent the nighttime feeding the day before but truly treasured the gift I gave him.

I am also reminding myself to treasure each moment, good or bad, messy or clean, loud or quiet that I have with Duder and Nug because these two children have been given to me and my awesome husband as gifts.  Gifts to treasure and to hold and to help shape and guide.

Okay, now I am getting all sappy and I refuse to cry tonight.  If you have children squeeze them tight.  And the next time you see your mom tell her thank you for all the sleepless nights she spent with you as a babe because I am sure that she needs a reminder sometimes that you are thankful for her sacrifice.


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