Children aren’t perfect, grandchildren are


I came to this realization this weekend.  I ventured out in the wind and cold (but it was sunny) with my parents and the nugs to an outlet mall.  Nug was being her nugget one year old self.  She wasn’t being particularly obedient (I only expect one year old behavior from her).  It was driving me crazy and giving me the sweats.  The funny thing though was my mama and popsy loved every minute and couldn’t see that she was acting poorly and not listening to instruction.  The must have some special goggles on and see Nug running through meadows with her her hair in piggy tails and spinning with her perfect summer dress.

One day I will be a grandparent and I am sure I will inherit the perfect goggles as well.  But for now my aim is to try and raise respectful, obedient, and kind children.  And to try to have more patience and grace with my children.  We are both learning.


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