Mommy needs a nap


I was feeling pretty tired today and after the fifth attempt of getting both nugs asleep in the same room, I finally had success.  I decided to unwind a little bit with some netflix (Food, Inc – great movie and thought provoking by the way) and then when I felt like my eyes could use a rest, I shut them.  Then the unthinkable happened.  I was no longer sleepy.  Still tired but no longer sleepy.  Dang!  I never take naps.  Ever!  And the first time in literally two years I decide a nap would be nice, not even going to happen.  Most days I “rest” during nap time but rarely do I actually feel sleepy.  Such is the life of a mom – the one time you get a chance to nap and you close your eyes only to open them not sleepy anymore.

With my luck, I probably have day time insomnia.  Stink!  I always get the weird ailments!


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