The REAL Housewives


The inspiration for this blog was an outlet for me to let my hair down about mothering, parenting, and housewiving.  When we had cable I sometimes would watch The Real Housewives of Orange County ***gasp***.  You can shame me now.

The show was rather addicting and an interesting display of what “real” life with money.  I would laugh because my life is nothing like that.  First of all I don’t have a lot of coin (my husband told me to go spend some coin and since then I have been dying to use coin in a sentence), I don’t have help around the house (I am the help), I don’t have multiple cars to choose to drive depending on the weather (our family only owns one), I cut coupons, I think I have gotten one pedicure (it only cost me $6) in my lifetime, and my hair and make up are not generally up to par.  The list really could go on but that is the difference between me and them.

We are both real in our lives but most people can’t relate to the parties and shopping and loads of cash.  So here I am writing a blog about my real life living.

Let me raise a glass my water bottle to REAL life living and the REAL life conundrums that most of us face!

Real life mothers.


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