Another Real day for me


I am tired again today.  It looks like duder is sick with some respiratory infection but the plus side, well there really is no plus side to a sick child other than the fact that they are extra snuggly.  Since duder was sick last night it meant that I went up and down the stairs until I was at my wits end and then had my awesome husband go and bring him back to his nice little bed in our closet.  It made for a much easier rest of the night but – yawn – I am exhausted!

So, today I will leave you with some pictures of my awesome husband, nug, duder, and I.  That way you will know who pray for when you see me in the news. “Sleep-deprived woman went the store only her undies.”  Please pray for the cuties below because if that really does happen good chances are they are with me in nothing but their diapers:-)

Nug - gotta love those beautiful blues!

Duder - back when he was brand spankin' new

My Awesome Husband - that smile melts my heart

The Real Mom - doing what I do best...gettin' my groove on


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