About The Real Mom


I am The Real Mom.  And I am sure you are a real mom too:-)  A real mom embraces their imperfections and even laughs at the pitfalls of parenting.  My hope is to share about my family and how a real family lives.  It won’t be all smiles and sunshine but it is life.

Now to meet my wonderful family:

First is my awesome husband who is, well, awesome.  I would never have married a man who was anything less than awesome;-)  He works outside the home to provide for our small family and provides endless entertainment.  He likes to make a mess in the kitchen and drink lots of coffee.  He is also very handsome and swoons me with him singing. I love him and he loves me!

Next we have my oldest child, Nug.  She is a little piece of spunk and a dash of stubborn.  Make that a dollop of stubborn. Sometimes she makes me want to pull out my hair and eat chocolate, but I love her.  She gives the sweetest hugs and kisses.  And has a laughter that is contagious.  She may only be 19 months but she has changed the world.

Duder.  What can I say about him?  He is the cutest 7 month old little boy I know!  He still gets up during the night to eat, although one look at him and you can tell he isn’t hurtin’ for food.  He likes to poop-out his diapers and smiles at everyone.  He is his daddy’s son and has won many-a-lady’s heart!

Finally me.  The Real Mom.  I am a stay-at-home mother of two. I have tried to do it all but have failed numerous times.  And when I tried to do it all I became a not-so-good mother and wife.  Once I embraced the imperfections of me and understood that motherhood is a journey, not a formula that I need to follow, I found happiness in what I do.  Laughter is my key and I do it a lot:-)


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